The Mobile App that Magically Matches Images with Data

What is PhotoDay Capture?

PhotoDay Capture is a mobile app that enables photographers to create private galleries of individuals by automatically matching people data with professional photos using face recognition technology.

When should I use PhotoDay Capture?

If you have a school job or event where you’ll be capturing multiple people, but you want each person to have their own unique private gallery, PhotoDay Capture is your turnkey solution.

How does PhotoDay Capture work?

The PhotoDay Capture app can be downloaded on any mobile device from your favorite app store. To use PhotoDay Capture for an upcoming job, you’ll start out by creating a Private Gallery job in your Studio Panel. Once you have created the job, you will see an empty gallery, along with a panel to the left where you can upload a CSV file that contains your people data. This file will contain basic information such as the individual’s first and last name, as well as other possible identifiers including basic contact information, school name, organization name, grade level, school ID,  teacher name, etc. This file is usually obtained from your main contact at an organization – and can be structured differently for every job. The same data will appear in the PhotoDay Capture app so that on picture day you can capture a reference photo for each person. This reference photo is used to match the data with your professional images. Scroll down to see the step-by-step Capture workflow. Visit Introducing PhotoDay 2.0 to learn more about Private Galleries.

How do I import people data?

Once you have your CSV of people data, simply drag and drop it into the upload panel. PhotoDay will then automatically upload and sort this data, creating a list of people associated with this gallery. You will see this list organized alphabetically into named folders on the left side of your currently empty gallery. The names of each person will appear in the PhotoDay Capture app for the job. On or before picture day, you and your staff will use the PhotoDay Capture app to capture a reference photo for each person. That reference photo will then appear with the folder in your Studio Panel.

How do I add new people or edit people data?

If there are new people on picture day that weren’t part of the original data file, you can add them right into the PhotoDay Capture app. If you need to edit any data, you can do so by simply clicking on the person’s name either in the Studio Panel gallery or within the PhotoDay Capture app which will sync to the Studio Panel.

Can I add multiple photographers?

As a PhotoDay user, you automatically have access to the PhotoDay Capture app. However, if you want other photographers on your staff to take reference photos, you can do that too! Simply invite them to use PhotoDay Capture by going to the Settings tab in the upper right hand corner of your Studio Panel, clicking on My Studio and selecting Users on the lefthand side of the page. To avoid any issues, we advise you not to share logins for the PhotoDay Capture app. If you’d like someone else to use the app – or even if you want to use it on another device – be sure to invite another user with a different email.

Anyone you invite via email will receive an invitation in their inbox to download and log into the PhotoDay Capture app.

No internet connection. No problem!

You can use the PhotoDay Capture without a WiFi connection – it will sync up once you’re connected again.


Here’s how to use the PhotoDay Capture App for your private gallery jobs.

Step #1

Invite any of your staff members to use the PhotoDay Capture app.

Anyone you invite will get an email invitation with instructions for downloading and logging into the PhotoDay Capture app. 

Step #2

Before the picture day session starts, you and your staff members will log into the PhotoDay Capture app on your phones or tablets.

Step #3

You’ll see a list of all the private gallery jobs you have created prior to picture day. Select the job and the list of people will appear.

Step #4

Check in each person before they take a seat to be photographed. Simply ask for their name and select it from the list of people in the app. Then snap the reference photo.

Step #5

Once the reference photo is captured, the person is fully checked in and ready to have their professional photo taken. Repeat this process for all individuals on the Capture list.

The PhotoDay Capture app internally matches the reference photo and the CSV data of each person with your professional images. When the mobile device you’re using detects a cellular or WiFi signal, the app will automatically synchronize its data with your Studio Panel on PhotoDay. The folders in your people data list will now contain the correct reference photo for each person.

As you upload your photos, our facial recognition technology will analyze each incoming photo, and pair it with the correct reference photo. In short, your photos are instantly sorted into the correct folders, matching the photos with the data. In the unlikely case a photo is not matched to a person, you will see an icon at the top of the list marked Unmatched.

When you select this icon, the images that were not automatically paired with a person will be shown

Ready to get started?

Download the PhotoDay Capture app for use on any mobile device – phones or tablets.

PhotoDay Capture will be available soon for Android on Google Play.