PhotoDay 2.0 launched in September 2019 giving its users an expanded online sales platform that can be used for nearly any type of photography job!



Expanded Gallery Access

We are introducing three gallery access types making it possible for you to use PhotoDay with all of your customers on a wide range of jobs, simply by varying the gallery privacy level. (Click on each gallery type to learn more)

FREE Photo & Data Exports

PhotoDay now allows studios to export photos and data in 3 formats:

  • .CSV – alpha-numeric data
  • Service Items – photos plus alpha-numeric data
  • PSPA Yearbook – photos plus alpha-numeric data

For the Service Items and PSPA Yearbook export, you’ll export a zipped file containing multiple files that can be imported into software designed for service items (ID cards, CDs, etc.) and yearbooks. You can select how the file is sorted and have the file emailed to you. This high-value, school-focused feature is in its infancy. We’re offering it for FREE right now so you can give it a try and tell us what you think.

Job Setup Tool

We know how important it is to get all of the details just right when you create a job. That’s why over the past year, we’ve watched and learned the quickest, most efficient way to set up a job for success. Now, we bring that to you with our new job creation tool.


We’ve outlined for you the most common things you currently do in PhotoDay and show you how to do them in PhotoDay 2.0.

Create a Job

Creating a job is simpler than ever with our new step-by-step job setup tool. Here’s an overview of the steps:

  1. Go to the Jobs tab
  2. Click the Add New button
  3. Fill out the basic job information in the pop-up window
  4. Choose your gallery access type. (see below for more info). 
  5. Set up your storefront with AdvancePay and Price Sheets (see below for more info)
  6. If you’re planning to use AdvancePay, you can change the job status to AdvancePay and begin to promote using flyers and other marketing resources.
  7. If you’re not planning to use AdvancePay, you can set up your gallery flyers and marketing materials. (see below)
  8. After picture day, you can upload photos and change the job status to Published.

What’s New?

  • Give the new Job Setup Tool a spin – it walks you through the steps for creating each job so you don’t miss a thing!
  • Check out the new Sales column and Category column on the Jobs page. These columns will give you a quick glance at $$ sales and job category (Dance School, Youth Sports, etc.) for each job.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the access type has been saved, it cannot be changed. When you re-enter this section, you will see the 2 other access types disabled. If for some reason you choose the wrong gallery type, you’ll need to delete the job and start over by creating a new job with the correct gallery type. This is a precaution that ensures a consistent customer experience.

Options for the access type selected, however, can still be updated. If the gallery has been published and you decide to change the gallery link and access/opt-in code options, any previous customer who opted in or tries using the old code will NO LONGER have access to the gallery UNLESS the customer had added the gallery while they were logged in to their PhotoDay account.

Set Up a Storefront

Setting up your storefront is now a more visual, step-by-step experience.

What’s New?

  • With the new Preview Storefront, you can toggle on/off the ability for customers to preview products, packages, and prices for AdvancePay galleries. 
  • Activities are now called Product Themes. During setup, you’ll see icons for the available themes based on the lab you’ve selected for the job.

Upload Photos & People Data

Uploading photos to the job’s gallery is still a quick and easy drag & drop, but now you can upload more than just photos!

  • For private galleries, you have to add people data (info about each person) to the gallery. You can upload a CSV file containing a whole list of people data, or you can add individual people one at a time. You’ll match the people data to your professional photos by  taking a reference photo using the PhotoDay Capture App. Learn more about PhotoDay Capture
  • For group and public galleries, uploading works the same as always. File folder names will still automatically become the gallery tags. 

Marketing the Gallery

The key to online sales is great MARKETING – connecting with your customers early and often! Once you make that initial connection, the PhotoDay SMS text outreach kicks in, driving customers into the gallery to view your awesome photos and purchase great-looking products. With PhotoDay 2.0, we’ve made some pretty slick updates to the flyers that reflect the new gallery access types while providing templates for AdvancePay galleries, galleries with and without offers, and post picture day galleries. We think you’re gonna love it!

In each job dashboard, you’ll see a tab at the top labeled Marketing. This is where you’ll go to create job flyers. Follow the step-by-step flyer creation tool and you’ll have great-looking flyers to help you connect people with photos and products!

Flyers for Private Galleries

With Private Galleries, you’ll be creating individual flyers for each person photographed – each with its own unique access code that our system automatically generates.

  1. In the Flyers section, click the Add New button
  2. You’ll be prompted to choose if you want to print flyers for Everyone (every person on your people list), a Group (based on people data), or a single Individual.
  3. Then, you’ll design your flyer as you’d like. Each flyer will include one photo of each person and that person’s unique access code.
  4. You can email these flyers to the organization’s contact as a PDF or print them out for distribution.

What’s New?

  • With the new Preview Storefront, you can toggle on/off the ability for customers to preview products, packages, and prices for AdvancePay galleries. 
  • Each Private Gallery flyer will contain a professional photo of the individual person along with that person’s unique access code.

For Group & Public Galleries

Creating flyers for group and public galleries follows a similar same process. It’s important to note that Public Gallery flyers will contain an opt-in code and the Group Gallery flyers will contain an access code. You’ll simply design your flyer and then email it out to your client, copy the flyer link, or download the PDF – for distribution to all picture day participants.

Are You Ready?

PhotoDay 2.0 is waiting for you in your Studio Panel right NOW! Login and have a look around. If you’ve got something you want to share about PhotoDay 2.0, here’s a little guide to where you should turn:

  • TELL US IT’S AWESOME – Go to our Facebook Users Group to share your excitement. 
  • QUESTIONS? SUGGESTIONS? – Chat with us in the little blue bubble in the lower righthand corner of your studio panel or here.