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How Text Messaging Works with PhotoDay


PhotoDay uses a short code for all texts

Short Codes

  • Text Marketing Campaigns
  • Mass texting many people at once
  • Gather feedback from customers

PhotoDay Shortcode: 90738

Long Codes

  • The same number can be used as a business line for communication
  • Establish customer service, 1 to 1 communication
  • Internal Staff communications


  • Only 1 message per second can be sent resulting in significant delays for  groups larger than 200
  • Long phone number to enter and opt-in, resulting in a higher chance of  sending to the wrong number
  • Harder to remember

How it works

Get permission and ask customers to opt-in

Gallery Types

Public Gallery
This is for special events and gatherings where you want to provide open access to all of the attendees where no access code is required.

Weddings, proms, bar mitzvahs, etc.

Group Gallery
This is for team or group activities where photos of multiple people can be viewed as part of a closed group with one access code.

Sports teams, dance studios, preschools, etc.

Private Gallery
This is for jobs where you plan to capture multiple individuals where each person will have their own private access code.

Underclass, Elementary, large event, etc.

Gallery Status


  •  Customers will be notified when the gallery is published or updated to AdvancePay


  • Customers are prompted to make a credit purchase and are made aware of any special offers you’ve attached to AdvancePay
  • AdvancePay Expiration – if your gallery has an expiration date set, PhotoDay will remind them a total of 3 times 7 days prior to expiration to use their credits
  • Unused AdvancePay Credits – if there is no expiration date – PhotoDay will remind customers they have a credit to redeem 30, 60, and 90 days past publish date of that gallery


  • Customers are notified photos are ready to view and purchase instantly when published
  • Customers are reminded via SMS again on days 3, 5, 7, 14, and 30 – or until they make a purchase (then the texts stop!)


  • AdvancePay purchasers are the only customers who receive reminders the gallery is expiring at this time
  • If a customer opts into an expired gallery – they will be prompted to contact their photographer.

But wait - there’s more!

Once a customer places an order – They get another series of messages:

Thank you! We received your order for %{job_name}. Check your email for your receipt.

And once the lab ships their order:

Your PhotoDay order has shipped! Track your order: %{tracking_url}.

PhotoDay’s Smart Text options don’t stop here.

Take advantage of our promo feature for second sales! Jobs less than 180 days old (or past 1 season) are eligible for promos. Give your customer a great deal and reward them for loyalty during holidays – like Cyber Monday, Christmas, Mother’s Day + Father’s Day!

Implement one of our strategies with our Custom SMS feature!

HURRY & SAVE! Just one more week to get the best price on photos from %{job_name}. View photos: %{job_url} | STOP to cancel

48 HOURS ONLY! Order any PACKAGE and receive a social sharing download. After that, packages will revert back to our original selection. | STOP to cancel

POOF! Just one more week before %{job_name} photo gallery expires. View photos: %{job_url} | STOP to cancel

Tomorrow is the last day of the %{job_name} fundraiser. Order photos: %{job_url} | STOP to cancel

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