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So what exactly is a landmark feature? They are the big, exciting features that stand out and can transform both workflow and overall sales with PhotoDay. They change the way you think. They disrupt the current mindset and inspire new ideas. Not all of PhotoDay’s features are considered landmarks, but here are a few we’ve been working on over the past year—and our vision of how they will change the world of volume photography for pro labs, studios, and customers alike. 


Yes, greenscreen has been around a while now, but if you follow PhotoDay, you know we don’t do things the same ol’ way. Our Backgrounds feature gives studios the ability to upload multiple collections of custom backgrounds, allowing customers to mix and match poses and backgrounds for packages and products with a simple swipe and preview. Studios can also upload a combination of JPG images and PNG images to the same gallery. This encourages multipose purchases, higher AOVs, and overall happy, creative customers.


Live previews are almost essential these days because customers expect to see a preview of the product before they purchase. Especially when it comes to products like Memory Mates, buttons, and other various themed prints and products. These previews display any theming options, background choices, photos, and text chosen during the customer’s customization process. Live preview offers peace of mind for customers and fewer reprints for labs and studios.


Speaking of Memory Mates…It’s pretty neat to sell a product that is branded specifically to the organization being photographed. While PhotoDay provides our own collection of beautiful custom theme options, studios are also able to create and upload their own designs. This is a great addition to woo and wow both customers and organizations alike. 


Ahh, a little bit of familiarity with a twist to meet today’s customer’s expectations. Long have photographers batched orders all together and delivered them back to the organization. With PhotoDay’s bulk shipping option, studios can now offer free overnight bulk shipping (which ships all orders directly to one chosen address) or let the customer choose how they would like to receive their orders via drop shipping (which ships as fast as they want to their own address).

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