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Your customer expects an entirely different experience when moving picture day 100% online.


Are you wondering what AdvancePay is, how to explain it to your customers, and most importantly, how this updated version of pre-pay will affect your sales?

We didn’t think it made much sense to give customers the ability to order a package before seeing all of the amazing images captured and created by studios. It was one of those things that we knew we could sell and market in a whole new way — and not cap overall sales. So we took a risk and brought something new to the photography industry and boom, now we can share the results!

AdvancePay works, and quite beautifully to say the least. Combined with the simplistic versatility of PhotoDay’s text & email marketing, it’s a winning combination that will not only qualify potential buyers but incentivize them to spend more, sooner.

The first step in setting up a successful picture day using AdvancePay is to determine your messaging to the customer. Are you requiring a pre-payment prior to taking photos and the editing process? Are you photographing everyone and speculating that they will buy later? Are you using AdvancePay as a session fee that the customer can apply towards prints & products? All of these methods are an effective way to sell and market photography services online.

Once you decide on the method, it’s time to think about selling your AdvancePay credits.


If this is your first time, you’ll want this to be as simple as possible. First, determine your average order value for the type of event you’re photographing. Then set that amount as your AdvancePay credit purchase amount. In this case, we’ll make one credit available for $25.

Second, create an AdvancePay Marketing Flyer.  This flyer will have all the info customers need to know. Make sure you explain a credit purchase is required prior to having photographs taken. Customers will be able to purchase credits as long as the gallery is in AdvancePay status. Once picture day is over and the gallery is published, AdvancePay sales will be stopped automatically and text marketing takes over to help covert views to sales. No need to set this up – it’s completely automatic with PhotoDay!


If you’re photographing everyone anyway, and just want to dangle a carrot to start sales early – encouraging an AdvancePay credit purchase prior to the gallery being published can be done by attaching an offer to the gallery while it’s in AdvancePay mode. Every time a customer texts their unique access code to 90738 or enters the gallery via mobile or desktop web browser, they will be prompted to purchase a credit to receive their special offer.


From dance costume changes to senior portraits to mini-sessions and everything in between, AdvancePay can be utilized to connect your customer to a gallery, cover your time + expenses, and give them the flexibility to redeem their purchase amount for anything in the store. You control the price sheet and the required credit purchase amount and PhotoDay does the rest.


According to a recent survey conducted by McKinsey Global Institute during the coronavirus crisis, 40% of online shoppers seek to save money while shopping. The same survey also concludes that more than ⅓ of Americans have seen a decline in their income, savings & spending this summer. 

Both qualifying your potential buyer and integrating offers into your overall strategy is more important than ever. AdvancePay + offers is a powerful method to help accomplish this goal. Only you know what will work best for your organizations and customers. Below is data collected from PhotoDay to help guide you through this decision.


Above all benefits of AdvancePay is the data! These valuable insights give you a glimpse into the future of a job’s performance. Since AdvancePay sales happen prior to publishing, you’ll have a good idea where your sales will end up shortly after going live. If you’re new to online, this can provide a level of comfort since the online sales cycle can take roughly 30 days.

Please let us know if you have questions or need help getting started with PhotoDay + AdvancePay in the chat bubble or by contacting us at

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