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The day has arrived! Today we welcome Richmond Pro Lab as our “lucky number seven” partnership. With quick turnaround times providing a long-lasting product, they have been a one-stop-shop for studios’ printing needs for over eighty years. Providing services covering a multitude of photo categories, including sports, weddings, and portrait photography, Richmond has been a staple for many studios from its Virginia-based offices.

“We’re excited to introduce PhotoDay to studios”, says Blake Bullard, Vice President at Richmond. “We’re passionate about professional photography, from capture to the end product. PhotoDay is among the best when it comes to supporting studios with education and arming them sales and marketing resources to help them succeed. Pair it with our products and customer service, and you’ve got a perfect solution.”

Our newfound partnership with Richmond comes during a period of exciting expansion for PhotoDay, which has seen more and more studios joining its ranks than in previous months. “Richmond has an impressive reputation with each one of their customers, we’ve had a lot of interest to make sure this partnership happened. We’re always listening to our studios,” says PhotoDay CEO, Jon Dantes.

So, what are the benefits of using Richmond Pro Lab?


The PhotoDay experience does not change when using Richmond Pro Lab as your choice for lab. Their excellent quality products, along with custom theming options for memory mates, mugs, and other products will be available right off the bat for your customers’ selection.


With the ability to marry multiple expressions with a wide range of quality photo products, studios who use PhotoDay are seeing record high order values.


It all starts with the customer texting in one simple access code… PhotoDay text marketing takes over from there. We’ll ensure that customers get alerts about their photos and their orders. We make it super easy for studios to set up price sheets, discount offers, and seasonal promotions, increasing the number of orders, average order values, and total sales $$$!


PhotoDay is free to sign up – so it’s super low-risk for photographers to give it a try. It all starts with one job. The PhotoDay and Richmond teams are on hand to help with the initial setup to ensure that each job is a success.

So start your journey of transforming your business and generating more sales today – visit our sign up page to get started or, if you’re already a PhotoDay user, simply add Richmond as a lab.  As always, PhotoDay is free to use! 


  • I am wanting to introduce and switch to a fully automated process. I am entering into my 3 year of volume photography and I continue to grow leaps and bounds each year. I photographed around 2500 athletes last year. I am finding my delivery times are slow, errors are starting to happen more than I like, and I have no time to myself. I want to have an online entry system like photoday, the ability to design the photos myself, and then send to Richmond to print and have them mail directly to the client. Please help me know how I can achieve this. I use all custom compositing and I am a graphic designer so I do all the photo design myself. But I would like to look at options to help me limiting doing all it myself. HIGH QUALITY IS HUGE TO ME! I am not a shoot and print, I may offer some of that, but I need to keep my high quality print options as that is what makes me different from all my competitors.
    Please let me know who I can walk through this with and how I achieve this. I have friends Kimberly Campbell Melloan and Brandy Moton, and they both mentioned that I need to go this route. Thanks!

  • Lorren Booher says:

    Is there a recording from the June 2 webinar?

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