Promos Schedule 2020

By January 27, 2020Product Updates, Sales Advice

You’ve uploaded jobs to PhotoDay. Your customers opted in by texting in their access code. They’ve made their purchases, and you’ve had a successful selling season. Though sales may continue to roll in here and there, a lull begins where you can kick back, restructure, and plan for the next season to begin.

But what about taking advantage of that lull? Shouldn’t there be a way to gather more sales while you wait for the next rush? Let’s face it, post-sales have always been difficult. From creating email campaigns to drive customers back to you, to harvesting information from paper forms – it’s a tedious venture that might not be worth the effort you put into it!

However, PhotoDay has cooked up a feature that could take the tedium out of post-sales, especially if you’ve been using PhotoDay for a while and have collected opt-ins for your galleries. The 2020 Promos are here – and it only takes minutes to set up. Think of this feature as a crock pot – you simply set it and forget it! Let the sales roll in all by themselves.

Last year on Black Friday, PhotoDay users who participated in the promo generated another $26,000 in revenue, all while they were busy finding deals of their own online and in stores! Without further ado, here’s our 2020 Promos line-up!

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