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Throughout the year, there is an abundance of BIG shopping seasons/holidays for you to earn EXTRA sales for your business. It’s a great time to adjust your price sheets to reflect the best products of the season. You can promote these price sheets in your current jobs, and also go back to customers from past jobs with seasonal Promos. If you’re unsure about what products to include in your holiday price sheets, we’ve put together crowd-pleasing suggestions for each holiday, giving customers more reasons to buy, buy, buy! 

Here’s a rundown of 3 Promos that are targeted for the biggest shopping season of the year. BONUS: We’ve put together a jam-packed holiday product guide to help you build a customer favorite price sheet guaranteed to bring you high-order values (Scroll down to find our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide) :


We all know the feeling of frantically buying gifts last minute. Set up your Halloween Promo to give people the chance to start holiday shopping EARLY and offer irresistible gift options. During the season of major holidays photos of loved ones are extra appreciated! (2 texts: October 29, October 31)

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

We all anticipate for these two scheduled-out days to go on a shopping-frenzy and score deals we wouldn’t get any other time of the year. Not to mention BIG holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah are coming FAST, so catch those early bird holiday shoppers. Give people a reason to buy by not only creating tempting offers and discounts, but by putting together a price sheet full of customer favorites that encourage big orders. (3 texts: November 29 – December 2)

Holiday Gift Giving

This is the BIGGEST shopping season of the year. Everyone is searching for gifts from the heart. We can’t think of a better gift than photos! Make customers’ gift-giving season easier and less stressful by including popular-sellers in your price sheet. Your customers will not be the only ones scoring the perfect gift… you will too- the gift of extra sales! (3 texts: December 3 – 10)

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift ideas to help your customers easily check off their holiday lists:

Wallets, magnets, and buttons make perfect stocking stuffers. They are small mementos that can go anywhere with the recipient- creating a special connection and always ready to put a smile on their face.

The collection of different-sized photo prints make great gifts, especially if they come in beautiful frames or albums wrapped in ribbons.

The low-res or high-res photo download gives customers the opportunity to create their own gifts using your photos!

Who doesn’t love mugs and water bottles? Especially if it has a photo of a loved one on it- makes it even more special.

Tree ornaments are adored decorations that can be used year after year.

New Year’s

As the new year starts, people will want photos that document the important milestones from the year. Set up your promo and remind people of the special moments you’ve captured. Whether it’s when a child scored their first winning goal, a bride’s big wedding day, or pictures of a couple’s newborn who is now 10 months old. These kinds of moments will be cherished forever. Here are some products that will be remembered for a lifetime:

The low-res or high-res photo download creates the option for people to use your photos to make their own gifts like an album of memories, a customized calendar for the new year, or a collage.

Magnets, wallets, trading cards, and keychains- they may be small but they pack a lot of love!

Don’t forget about the classic photo prints that sparkle in frames and fill up an empty wall in the house- always there to remind customers of a special moment in their life.

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