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We’re so pumped to announce our partnership and integration with Black River Imaging (BRI) – a quality-focused professional photo lab that has served wedding, portrait, fine art, and volume photographers since 1971. Their expertise at helping studios not just sell products but build businesses make them a perfect match for PhotoDay.

We chatted with Tari Keller, Sports & Events Product Manager at BRI. She shared with us, “PhotoDay gives BRI’s studios the technology and marketing tools they need to connect and continue to engage today’s customers. No other platform of its type executes the job as seamlessly and elegantly.” 

BRI is best known for its same-day order turn-around (for most orders), a diverse product offering and truly personal service focused on helping businesses succeed.  “We can’t wait to see the results when you combine BRI’s quality products and lightning turn-around with our efficient technology, online workflow, high-touch marketing, and streamlined customer experience,” says PhotoDay CEO, Jon Dantes. 


Today’s Parents

Parents manage every aspect of their lives (and their kids’ lives) from their online, mobile devices. That’s why more schools and leagues are requiring photographers to have an online ordering system. Now, studios who love BRI can give today’s parents the experience they want!

Seamless Customer Experience

The entire PhotoDay + BRI ordering experience is designed to be quick and convenient for customers. Parents can browse photos of their child in different poses/expressions and then choose from a wide selection of BRI products and packages, beautifully displayed and easily customized with themed graphics, multiple photos, and more.

Turnkey Marketing

It all starts with the customer texting in one simple access code… PhotoDay text marketing takes over from there. We’ll ensure that customers get alerts about their photos and their orders. We make it super easy for studios to set up price sheets, discount offers, and seasonal promotions, increasing the number of orders, average order values, and total sales $$$!

Low Risk

PhotoDay requires no upfront investment – so it’s super low risk for photographers to give it a try. It all starts with one job. The PhotoDay and BRI teams are on hand to help with the initial setup to ensure that each job is a success. Be sure to watch a replay of our LIVE webinar: Transform Your Business with BRI + PhotoDay (originally aired August 29, 2019)

The BRI and PhotoDay teams are ready to help you find success with a complete end-to-end picture day experience that will wow your customers and drive more profit to your bottom line. Sign up for BRI + PhotoDay today – it’s FREE!!

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