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One of the best parts about selling online is REAL-TIME sales data. All year long we’ve been tracking the products that are selling best online with PhotoDay, and now we share the TOP 20 bestsellers with you here.

PhotoDay Top Products % of Total Orders
1 5×7 23%
2 8×10 14%
3 4 Wallets 9%
4 3.5×5 9%
5 High-Res Photo Download 8%
6 Memory Mate Vertical 7%
7 8 Wallets 6%
8 4×6 3%
9 3.5×5 Magnet 3%
10 Low-Res Photo Download 3%
11 7×5 2%
12 Memory Mate Horizontal 2%
13 Magnet 4×5 1%
14 8 Trading Cards 1%
15 Button 1%
16 3.5×5 Magnet Pro 1%
17 Memory Mate Vertical (8×10) 1%
18 5×7 Pro 1%
19 10×8 1%
20 7×5 Pro 1%

* If the lab you are using doesn’t have a specific product listed above. You can check with your lab to find a product that is similar.

How to Use Top-Selling Products to Become a Top-Selling Studio

#1 Create a smart & popular price sheet. Knowing the bestsellers with PhotoDay will help you select the a la carte products (print + digital) and photo packages that can drive more sales for your business. When forming your photo packages, you’ll know which print and specialty add-on items are most popular. Also, you can use this information to see which products are in the highest demand to help you set your prices. 

#2 Set up eye-catching featured products. It can be tough figuring out which products to feature, especially if it’s your first job. Now, with this information, you can star the products you know are selling best with PhotoDay and they’ll appear in the featured products section of your storefront. Featured products are a great way to catch your customer’s eye when they are navigating through your storefront.  Just like Amazon is so good at recommending products, now you can do this too!

#3 Have those must-have products ready for promo time. During a promo, you’ll want to have best-selling packages and a la carte products picked out so you can bring in higher-value orders long after picture day. This is a time for you to bring in extra sales for your business and encourage past customers to purchase again. So make sure you offer the products your customers are most likely to buy. 

We want to help you set up a storefront that will bring you the most sales and satisfaction from your customers. This info should help! Check out our blog post Create Packages That Work! that will help you set up the perfect package to maximize your profits. Need help creating your price sheets? Watch this quick tutorial for a step-by-step on how to set up your storefront. Feel free to contact us here if you have any questions.

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