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You provide the awesome photographs and personal service – while our job is to make the ordering process smooth and convenient for your customers. That’s why we’ve focused PhotoDay versions 1.7 and 1.8 on giving your customers the absolute best possible experience. 

Here’s what you’ll find with this newest version of PhotoDay:


  • Fresh, new images in the web gallery and apps
  • Package prices appear on the main store page (show main store screenshot with zoom in on package in app)
  • A catalog preview for AdvancePay galleries (UX still needs updating with new copy so I don’t have visual for this)
  • Special seasonal PROMO offers 


Customer can easily find you because we’ve included your studio contact information in all of your galleries and in key SMS texts.


We’ve added some slick new designs to the Marketing Kit. You can use them to make sure your customers know everything they need to know about finding and ordering their photos. 


We don’t want you to be cranky with your customers. That’s why we also aim to make your experience with PhotoDay completely easy and frictionless. We made a few enhancements to the Studio Panel just for you:

  • Filter untagged photos. 
  • View jobs by status. 
  • Updates to the Promos section so you can easily set up and track your Promos. 

And, that’s not all! Track all of our new features and product improvements on the PhotoDay Version Updates page.

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