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Chocolate or vanilla? Cats or dogs? Android or iPhone? Which are you?

At last, Android users don’t have to feel left out of the PhotoDay party! Starting today, the PhotoDay app is now available for devices using Google’s Android operating system. The Android app has the exact same functionality as our iOS app (including all the latest version 1.3 updates!) so no one has to miss out on the superior native app experience. Your customers will be able to view galleries, quickly find their photos using Facefind and tags, browse packages and product lists, customize photos, and complete their orders! The only difference is that on Android they can pay using Google Pay – and on iOS they can use Apple Pay. Credit card payment is available on both…of course!

We hope you’ll help us to encourage parents everywhere to download the PhotoDay app on their favorite device because it is the best experience we can give them – and it provides them with mobile storage of all their child’s professional photos in one easy-access place.

Imagine an app that has shots of the same child from every baseball season, from T-ball to Varsity. Or every dance recital from preschool to high school. That’s our dream – and the PhotoDay app (Android or iOS) makes this possible. For anyone who doesn’t want to download the app, we know they’ll come around. In the meantime, the complete PhotoDay experience is also available on any web browser.

Download PhotoDay on Google Play here:

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