We are super-pumped to announce that GPA, the largest sports-only, non-vertical photo lab in the United States, is live on PhotoDay! This means that GPA’s studios can now run a 100% online, paperless picture day. This is big!

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the GPA team to integrate their product catalog and templates into PhotoDay, creating a brand new, streamlined workflow for their studios, and a radically convenient picture day experience for end customers. Now, every aspect of a GPA order, from purchase to fulfillment, can start on PhotoDay and end with GPA shipping direct to the customer. Together, we’re eliminating order forms, manual processes, data entry, photo + order association, and end-of-month lab bills. We’re using the latest photo technology for good – and with GPA we can power so many more studios.

For over 40 years, GPA has continuously shown itself to be an innovator in our industry – and their all-in support of PhotoDay is proof that they still lead the pack.

Derek Tyler of GPA shared, “PhotoDay is a true value-add for our studios and a game-changer for our entire industry. Their team has impressed me with their steadfast commitment to improving every aspect of picture day. We wanted GPA to be among the first labs to offer PhotoDay and here we are!”

Our Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Dantes echoed these sentiments, “The GPA team has believed in our vision for PhotoDay before we had a working prototype. Now that we are live with the biggest sports-only lab, the sky is really the limit!”

If you’re a GPA client (or would like to be), sign up for GPA powered by PhotoDay.

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