Haley Hamaker has been in the volume photography business for six years. In that brief time she has already built a reputation for quality work and innovative practices. She joined PhotoDay as a lead coach in March, 2018. Haley shares with us the mantra that has guided her career and led her to PhotoDay.

Be Different. Be Extreme.

That was the name of a talk I gave at the Professional Photographers Association of Pennsylvania in 2017. The phrase has also been the guiding principle behind how I run my business. When I first heard about PhotoDay and their plans to revolutionize volume photography, I knew I had found my partner.

I’ve been establishing my business as “cloud based” for three years now. I was utilizing various software from different providers, and it worked to an extent, but PhotoDay made that so much easier. PhotoDay had features I didn’t even know were possible, and what’s even better, they make it all simple to use. It’s easy to set up galleries and price sheets. Most importantly, it’s easy for my clients to navigate the new system. Today’s parents demand convenience above all else, and PhotoDay makes things convenient.

After visiting the PhotoDay office in Winter Park I knew this wasn’t just a place with one good idea, it’s a business model that will last. If you’re a nerd, like me, the PhotoDay office feels like home. It’s a start-up dream with engaged people and exciting projects constantly in the works. PhotoDay is clearly NOT just a 9-5 job for anyone who works there. Most importantly, PhotoDay listens to photographers. They want to implement the ideas that work best for us.

I’m thrilled to be a PhotoDay coach and ambassador and to have an early shot at implementing cutting edge technology in my volume photography business. My only question is what to do with all the free time I have now that I’m using PhotoDay to help run my business!


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