Leading the early adoption phase of PhotoDay, Group Photographers Association (GPA) committed to the implementation of PhotoDay into its professional photo lab, educational workshops and photographer workflow options.

GPA has processed tens of millions of volume sports orders over the past four decades and is the largest sports-only, non-vertical operational photo lab in the United States. GPA views it’s customers (photographers) as partners and strives to innovate and advance the photographic industry. Making the transition from film to digital back in the early 2000’s, GPA previously developed proprietary software to assist their customer in both workflow and sales.

“Our consumer is changing, and we feel the next step is technology. Connecting with consumers directly will bypass time and paperwork for both the lab and photographer, eliminate errors and expedite the ordering process– giving consumers that instant gratification they are accustomed to in today’s world.” says Derek Tyler, Marketing Director at GPA.

PhotoDay will deliver an experience like none other. Photographers no longer need to record and transcribe image or data and submit orders to a photo lab. Multiple poses can be presented with simplicity. The customer can customize products and select themes for popular items like memory mates and coffee mugs, and directly ship orders wherever they desire. Order data and tracking are available via the PhotoDay application, and PhotoDay uses SMS (text) technology to connect photographers to their customers and drive sales into its beautiful, mobile application or similar website storefront.

Among many of it’s impressive, groundbreaking technological features is FaceFind.  FaceFind uses artificial intelligence that allows customers to quickly find picture day images using another photograph.

GPA is excited to be part of the long-awaited disruption of the sports & school photography process and is anticipating the implementation to begin in April.

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